Omkar Birje

I'm an entrepreneur by passion and generalist by nature.

Founder of theNews+ - A comprehensive daily news source. ( Read by 10,000+ people every morning ).

Work as curator at thecybernaut - Help people to land on useful web things from expanding internet.

Side Projects

In my mean time I create projects that solve creative peoples problems.

For designers:

Free illustrations design  A one page website to get access of all free illustrations available on internet.

Free icons design  Googling is old way try free icons design to uncover hidden icons packs. ( WIP )

Free mockups design  Create amazing packaging mockups with free mockup templates. ( WIP )

Free fonts design  Enhance any design by using a great font that won't break your bank. ( WIP )

Free resources design  Never stop your creative process instead enhance it with resources. ( WIP )

For internet users:

Assistant  Free access to 400+ online tools zero ads/payment.


I believe in healthy transparency.


views across media channels I own.

measured for facebook, twitter, tiktok, instagram and youtube

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